Pool Rules

1.    All members and guests must register before entering the pool.   A member must accompany all guests.
2.    To simplify the check in process, we will NOT be issuing member cards for the pool again this season.
3.    The Pool Manager and Lifeguards are employed to maintain order in the pool and make decisions regarding water safety.
4.    The pool and pool area shall be cleared of all persons during inclement weather upon the direction of the Pool Staff.
5.    The volume of music must be kept to a minimum so as not to affect the enjoyment of other Members while at the Pool.
6.    Members, their families and guests must shower before entering the pool.
7.    Children 12 years old and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.  The minimum age for a guardian is 18 years old.
8.    Swimming is permitted only during the posted hours of the pool.  
9.    Members are not permitted to bring food and beverage items into the pool area, this includes personal coolers.
10.    Smoking is not permitted in the pool or pool area.
11.    Do not carry any food or beverages into the pool.
12.    Bottles, glass and sharp objects are not permitted in the pool and pool area.
13.    Running, pushing and boisterous play are not allowed.
14.    Children of diaper wearing ages must wear plastic lined or “swim diapers” at all times while in the pool.
15.    The Pool Manager and Lifeguards may limit or refuse the use of floating devices in the pool to ensure the safety of our members and guests.  Only toys approved by the Pool Manager and pool lifeguards may be brought to and used at the pool and pool area.               

Pool Attire
1.    All persons must wear suitable bathing attire while swimming.
2.    Persons in bathing attire are requested to remain within the pool and pool area at all times.

Pool Guest Policy
1.    A “Member family” may bring up to four guests on any one day. A guest may use the pool facilities once a week not to exceed six times per year.
2.    The Member must be present with their guest(s).
3.    To simplify the check in process, we will NOT be issuing guest passes for the pool again this season.   Guest fees will remain the same, $5 per guest.  Each member family is credited for a maximum of 10 guests throughout the season.  Guest "credits" are not transferable.
4.    All guests must be accompanied by a member.
5.    Guests purchasing food or beverages while at the pool must charge the items to the Member’s account.  No cash transactions are accepted.

Swim Lessons
Private and group swim lessons are available.  Please discuss your lesson needs with the Holly Hills Swim Team.

The General Manager and Pool Staff are obligated, in the best interest of all Members, to enforce all guidelines and regulations.  Persons failing to observe all guidelines and regulations are subject to removal from the pool and pool area and suspension of pool privileges.