10 Tips

The team at Holly Hills Country Club is committed to creating a great experience for both the event host and guests.
  1. Create a realistic budget before you begin the planning process.
  2. Be flexible
    • When booking, date and time flexibility can save money.
    • Weigh options before making choices.
  3. Begin as early as possible- iron out the big details first.
    • Pick a date that isn’t too close to holidays or other community events.
    • Find the best venue suited for your event.
  4. Don’t be afraid to tour multiple venues.
    • Tour the actual venue space you would use for your event-determine the capacity, setup, etc. prior to booking
    • Make a list of things to discuss including:
      • Type of food/drink service offered
      • View photos of events
      • Determine if you can bring your own vendors, catering, alcohol, etc.
      • Ask if a day of coordinator is included
      • Get a sample invoice
  5. Determine the vendors you will need.
    • Meet with your vendors in person or talk to them on the phone prior to hiring them. This will ensure they’re a good fit for you and your event.
  6. Stay organized-make a list of details/deadlines so nothing is missed.
    • Vendor names and contact information
    • Guest lists
    • Food and beverage details, costs, etc.
    • Payment deadlines, etc.
  7. Send Invitations out early to give guests plenty of time to plan.
    • Things to include – if necessary:
      • RSVP information/deadline
      • Type of food service, i.e. buffet, hors d’ oeuvres, etc.
      • Type of alcohol service, i.e. open bar or cash bar
  8. If applicable, use social media for advertising and promotion of the event (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  9. Delegate responsibilities.
    • If it’s a large event consider hiring an event planner to help with day-of details if one isn’t included in the venue rental.
  10. Develop a backup plan.
    • Consider all issues that could go wrong during the event.
    • Create a plan B – especially if planning something outdoors, make sure you have an inclement weather plan.

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